Financial Agreement Signed with EIB of EUR 100 million - Phase IV

31.12.2013 - The MBDP Loan for SMEs and Priority Lending Finance Contract of EUR 100 million was signed between MBDP and EIB. Entering into this Contract marks the beginning of the realization of the fourth phase of the EIB credit line (the first phase in an amount of EUR 100 million and the second one of EUR 50 million were successfully implemented, while the third phase will be fully completed by the end of April 2014).

Export Factoring Interest Rate Lowered from 6% to 5%.                                Loans for ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES.                                AGRO-INDUSTRY Loans with interest rate of 2% ONLY!                                Reduce the risk, insure the sale! Unique opportunity to secure domestic and export receivables.                                Special Credit Guarantee Scheme.