How do I apply for a loan?

You can apply directly to DBNM for agricultural loans - CF and loans to municipalities for the realization of projects from the IPA component (the conditions and documentation are listed on the DBNM website). For the rest of the credit lines, you can apply to one of the commercial banks which DBNM has concluded agreements with for participation in their realization (the terms of the credit lines and commercial banks which DBNM has concluded agreements with can be seen on the DBNM website).

Which documents should I submit when applying for a loan?

For credit lines applied directly to DBNM (agriculture and municipalities), the documentation to be submitted is listed on the DBNM website. For other credit lines, the documentation to be submitted is agreed with the commercial bank where the loan application was submitted.

To which account should I pay the due obligations from the Covid-credit lines?

The account is specified in Article 4 of the Credit Agreement signed by each borrower with DBNM and is different for each Covid credit line. There is also a link on the DBNM website with payment instructions for each Covid credit line separately.

What is the amount of my liabilities to pay to DBNM?

If you pay regularly, the amount to be paid can be seen from the Repayment Plan that every credit user, who has concluded a Credit Agreement, receives from DBNM. In the event that you are late in settling your obligations to DBNM, you should contact DBNM at an e-mail: (including the name of the credit user, PIN of the company-credit user, credit line, number of the Credit Agreement) so that the responsible credit officer can calculate the penalty interest and duly notified.

How can I get the grant from the Covid-3 credit line?

According to the Credit Agreement (Article 6) concluded by each beneficiary of the funds from the Covid3 credit line with DBNM, applying for a grant can now be done after refunding 50% of the loan. Any credit user who considers that one of the four categories is fulfilled can apply for the credit portion (30%) to be converted into a grant (if there is no registered delay in servicing obligations for more than 60 days and the amount is greater than MKD 3,500). The applications, based on the submitted complete documentation, are considered by the appropriate commission.

Is it possible to ensure due invoices?

 Invoices that are already due cannot be insured.

Does every invoice need to be insured?

 Yes, each invoice should be insured consecutively.

Does the buyer know that the invoices will be insured?

 The buyer does not have to know that the invoice is insured.

Can factoring be done on due invoices?

Factoring cannot be done on due invoices. Factoring is done only on invoices that are not due.

Does every invoice have to be factored?

It is not necessary to do factoring on every invoice.

Is it mandatory that the payment from the buyer be made directly to the account of DBNM?

The buyer should pay directly to the DBNM account.

What types of guarantees are there from the Guarantee Fund?

The guarantee fund offers two types of guarantees: individual and portfolio guarantees.

Who can be the beneficiary of individual guarantees from the Guarantee Fund?

In the case of individual guarantees, beneficiaries can be large export companies (that is, companies in which revenues based on exports have a share of at least 30% of total revenues in the fiscal year preceding the year in which the guarantee is approved).

Who can be the beneficiary of portfolio guarantees from the Guarantee Fund?

In the case of portfolio guarantees, the beneficiaries are banks and savings houses that have received permission for establishment and operation from the governor of NBRNM and have signed an Agreement for portfolio guarantees with DBNM.

What is the guarantee percentage for individual guarantees?

With individual guarantees, the maximum guarantee amount is up to 50% of the loan amount.

What is the guarantee percentage for portfolio guarantees?

For portfolio guarantees, the maximum guarantee amount is up to 80% for loans for working capital and up to 50% for loans for fixed assets.

What is guaranteed by the guarantees from the Guarantee Fund i. e. by the individual and portfolio guarantees?

With individual and portfolio guarantees from the Guarantee Fund, only principal debt (the principal) from loans issued to companies is guaranteed.

What is the amount of guarantees for customs procedures during inward processing?

- Up to MKD 15,375,000.00 for SMEs (according to the classification in the Law on Trade Companies).
- Up to MKD 24,000,000.00 for companies which according to the national classification of activities belong to activity codes - C/B processing industry.

The amount of guarantees issued by DBNM is determined depending on the creditworthiness of the company.

What is the provision of issuing the guarantees for securing customs debt in inward processing?

The security is a promissory note from the notarized company.

What is the validity period for which the guarantees for securing customs debt in inward processing are issued?

These guarantees are issued with a validity period of up to 12 months.

Does DBNM sell a property?

DBNM is in a possession of property acquired on the basis of the collection of receivables and it is intended for sale.

What does DBNM sell?

DBNM sells real estate and movable property.

Is the property fully owned by DBNM?

DBNM is in a possession of property fully owned by the bank but co-owns the property with the National Bank of RNM and the Ministry of Finance of RNM too.

What is the procedure for purchasing your property intended for sale?

On the basis of demonstrated interest from a buyer for a certain property, a sale procedure is carried out by oral public bidding.