The Best Bank Officers 2023


On the occasion of World Savings Day, October 31, the Macedonian Banking Association awarded recognition for special results achieved in the work of officials nominated by banks, savings banks, the KIBS Clearing House, and the Macedonian Credit Bureau.

Marija Chichakovska and Nagip Tahiri are the two employees from the Development Bank of North Macedonia AD Skopje who received the award for the best bank employees in 2023.


Marija Chichakovska works in the Finance, Accounting, Payment Operations and Liquidity Division as a Senior Payment Operations Officer. In the past 25 years, she stood out with her dedication and professionalism in the performance of her work tasks and made her own contribution to the operation of the bank.

Nagip Tahiri has been working in the Risk Management Division as Senior Risk Management Officer for ten years, and he stands out for his responsibility in work, collegiality as well as the desire for continuous improvement.