EUR 64.5 million extended to domestic companies through Development Bank


Development Bank of North Macedonia has disbursed funds in the amount of EUR 64.5 million from the European Investment Bank loan through the EIB 7 credit line for working capital and investments for SMEs and mid-cap companies, including green transition.

The funds are intended to finance 201 projects (94 for long-term investments and 107 for working capital), as well as to create 206 new jobs.

The funds from the credit line are extended through commercial banks and are mostly intended for companies in the production and trade segment.

Loans are offered to end users at an interest rate of up to 3.5% per year. The loan repayment term is up to 12 years for investment loans and mid-cap projects, and up to 3 years for working capital loans.

With this loan, which the Development Bank concluded with the EIB on 24.07.2023, EUR 100 million has been provided under favorable terms and conditions, as direct support to small and medium-sized companies as well as mid-cap companies.