What is Factoring?

Factoring is a service which enables sale of goods and supply of services with defer payment, while part of the invoice value is received in advance.
Factoring is combination of credit protection, register of receivables, debt collection and financing of companies which manufacture goods and provide services with defer payment not exceeding 180 days. DBNM purchase invoices and makes an advance payment of 80% of the invoice value.

How is Factoring secured?

Advance payment is offered with an interest rate calculated up to the date of invoice payment by the buyer. The invoices of realized sale of goods and services between the seller and the buyer serve as a guarantee, as well as the insurance of receivables and the bill of exchange.
Prior to payment, each invoice related to factoring has to be insured against commercial risk with DBNM. 

Benefits of Facoring:

  • Improved cash flow and liquidity,
  • Various options for investing the available cash,
  • Financing of working capital without demanding mortgage,
  • Possibility of extension of the deferred payment period thus acquiring new clients,
  • Better management of suspicious and contested receivables,
  • Higher quality of financial information aimed at better company management.