Objective of the loan:

Funds from the loan are aimed to directly support micro, small and medium-sized companies, sole proprietors, and artisans.

Purpose of the loan:

For working capital to support companies affected by the energy and economic crisis.

Sources of funds:

Collected funds from the credit lines "Covid 1" and "Covid 3" in the amount of MKD 310,000,000 

Eligible beneficiaries:

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (according to the Current Situation), sole proprietors, and artisans (who pay taxes on real income) active in a class of activities from the List of acceptable classes of activities for financing (the activity is determined according to the priority activity stated in the Current Financial Status) and which are registered in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Terms and conditions of the loan

Single loan amount for the final borrower:
Minimum amount of: MKD 185.000
Маximum amount of: MKD 3.000.000
Repayment period:
  • repayment term of 12 months including a grace period of 6 months and
  • repayment term of 18 months including a grace period of 6 months.

MKD Denars

Interest rate for the borrowers:


Management fee:

DBNM will not charge a fee for processing credit applications.

Manner of repayment:

Quarterly repayment


The approved loan is paid directly to the borrower according to the instructions specified in the Loan Application.

Grant component:

For each borrower, a grant component is provided, which consists in the release of part of the debt on the basis of the principal, provided that there is no delay in servicing the loan for more than 60 days and for amounts greater than MKD 10,000, namely:

  • for loans with a repayment period of 12 months, including a grace period of 6 months, a grant of 20% of the principal is provided and
  • for loans with a repayment period of 18 months, including a grace period of 6 months, a grant of 10% of the principal is provided.
Premature repayment of the loan by the borrower excludes the right to a grant in its entirety. The discharge of the debt will be carried out from the last installments of the loan.

Entities which have the right to submit a loan application:

Micro, small and medium-sized enetrprises (according to the Current Financial Status), sole proprietors, and artisans who pay tax on real income that are registered in the Republic of North Macedonia in accordance with the positive regulations and have at least 51% of the basic capital in the private ownership of legal and natural persons, according to the List of acceptable classes of activities for financing (the activity is determined according to the priority activity specified in the Current Status).
The borrower can check their size classification by viewing their Current Financial Status.

List of acceptable classes of activities:

 Cultivation of cereals (except rice), legumes, and oilseeds
 Cultivation of rice
 Cultivation of vegetables, quinces and watermelons, root and turnip vegetables
 Cultivation of sugar cane
 Cultivation of grapes
 Cultivation of apple and stone fruit
 Cultivation of planting material
 Breeding of cows
 Breading of other cattle and domestic buffaloes
 Breeding of sheep and goats
 Breeding of pigs
 Poultry farming
 Meat processing and preservation
 Processing and canning of poultry meat
 Production of animal and poultry meat
 Processing and canning of potatoes
 Production of fruit and vegetable juices
 Other processing and canning of fruits and vegetables
 Production of oils and fats
 Production of margarine and similar edible fats
 Milk processing and cheese production
 Ice cream production
 Production of mill products
 Production of starch and starch products
 Production of fresh bread, sweets (cakes, cookies) and biscuits (cupcakes)
 Production of biscuits, production of canned sweets and pastries
 Production of macaroni, gnocchi, couscous and similar pasta
 Sugar production
 Production of cocoa, chocolates and confectionery products
 Grape wine production

Criteria that borrowers must meet:

  • Registered in the Republic of North Macedonia,
  • At least 51% are privately owned,
  • They have no outstanding obligations to the state, proven by a certificate from the PRO, not older than 31.12.2021,
  • Are not in bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings,
  • Have submitted an annual account to the Central Registry for 2021, regardless of the months of operation,
  • They have registered a beneficial owner in the Register of beneficial owners at the Central Registry of the RNM if it is a taxpayer (Current Financial Status for the beneficial owner, certificate of the beneficial owner),
  • According to the financial statements for the last fiscal year, there is capital and reserves (listed in the balance sheet, AOP 65) not less than 30% of the amount of the requested loan (this criterion is not applied to artisans and sole proprietors),
  • According to the data from the NBRNM Credit Registry as of 31.01.2022, they are in a classification better than or equal to B (calculation of average risk is performed) or have no credit exposure. An exception is if the total credit exposure of the banks to a certain client is less than MKD 10,000.
  • They are not beneficiaries of a loan from the "Covid 3" and "Covid 4" credit line (everyone who has concluded an agreement with DBNM for this credit line is considered a beneficiary),
  • At the time of submitting the loan application, they do not have outstanding overdue obligations in the amount of more than MKD 10,000, as beneficiaries of the "Covid 1" and "Covid 2" credit lines.

Criteria for deciding on the allocation of funds:

  • Qualified loan user who meets the criteria for loan approval according to the "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED" principle.
  • Loan requests are processed chronologically as they are received
  • e-mail: eekriza@mbdp.com.mk.

Required documents:

  • Loan application
  • Application for client registration
  • Statement on related persons/entities
  • Statement of public office holder
  • Credit exposure verification statement
  • CS form (form for certified signature)
  • Proof of not having outstanding taxes and contributions to the state – Certificate from the PRO (not older than 31.12.2021)
  • Current Financial Status not older than 6 months (from the Central Register of RNM)
  • Current Financial Status for the real owner not older than 6 months (from the Central Registry of the RNM)
  • Annual final account (as of 31.12.2021) (from the Central Register of the RNM)
  • Certificate of bankruptcy and Certificate of liquidation - Proof that no bankruptcy or liquidation procedure has been opened not older than 6 months.

Method of realization of the credit line:

For the credit line, a Public Call no. 1 was published on 05.05.2022.

Loan applications upon the public call are submitted for 15 days, starting on May 11, 2022, at 09:00 and ending on May 26, 2022, at 09:00.

The processing of received loan applications will begin after the closing of the public call.

The documents submitted to the public call are non-returnable.

Inadequate loan applications of unqualified borrowers will not be considered.

Incomplete loan applications will not be considered until completed.

Documents received without a Loan Application (form on the bank's website) will not be processed until the Loan Application is submitted.

The bank does not bear any costs incurred with the preparation, compilation, and delivery of loan requests, so the participant of the public call has no right to compensation for any costs based on participation in this public call.

The bank will notify loan applicants who have been approved for a loan based on a submitted loan application, at the email address specified in the subject's current status.
The bank will notify the applicants whose loan applications have been rejected, with the reason for rejection, at the electronic address specified in the current status of the subject.

The bank will not notify individual borrowers whose loan applications have been received after the funds have been exhausted.

The Bank will announce on its website the exhaustion of funds.

Lending and Commission Work Division Contact:

Tel. 02/3115-844, 02/3114-840 ext. 121, 124, 127.