Objective of the grant component:

Support for companies from sectors most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic (tourism, artisans, catering, transport, event organization industry, etc.)

Purpose of the grant component:

Financial and liquidity support for companies affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

Sources of funds:

Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Eligible beneficiaries of the grant component:

Companies that are beneficiaries of the Covid 4 interest-free credit line.

Grant application conditions:

All companies that will be approved to use an interest-free loan from the Covid 4 credit line acquire the right to submit a grant component use request (debt relief in a total amount of up to 50% of the loan), if:
- The entity has repaid at least 40% of the liabilities related to the loan,
- Has no record of delay in fulfilling its obligations arising from the loan for longer than 30 days and there has not been any prepayment of the loan.
- In order to use the grant component, the Beneficiary should apply to DBNM for debt relief.

Categories of grant component the beneficiary can apply for:

1. category
The number of employees in 2021 compared to 2020 has increased by at least 5.0% (when submitting the request for a grant, one would use data from the MPIN-form for December 2021 and 2020) whereby the borrower is entitled to request a grant of 20%;
2. category

Total revenues for 2021 have increased for at least 10.0% compared to total revenues in 2020 (data from the Income statement for 2021 and 2020 should  be used, AOP code 201) whereby the borrower is entitled to request a 30% grant; 

3. category

The borrower who meets the conditions of Category 1 and Category 2 (the evidence are submitted and the procedures specified in both, Category 1 and Category 2 are applied) is entitled to claim a 50% grant.

Fulfillment of the criteria for using the grant component will be assessed at the time of submission of the application for approval of the grant component (debt relief)

Forms for Grant:

  • Application for Grant

Lending and Commission Work Division Contact:

Tel. 02/3115-844, 02/3114-840 ext. 121, 124, 127.