Objective of the loan:

Funds from loans are approved to support investments in digitization projects

Purpose of the loan:

Financing of domestic companies via intermediary banks for investments in digitization projects. Up to 30% of the loan amount can be used for working capital.

Sources of funds:

French Development Agency (AFD) in the amount of EUR 50 million.

Eligible beneficiaries:

Potential beneficiaries may be domestic companies that have:

  1. no more than 250 permanent employees, and,
  2. either an annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million, or
    an annual balance sheet not exceeding EUR 43 million.

Terms and conditions of the loan:

Single loan amount for the final borrower:
Digitization projects:
  • minimum EUR 5,000,
  • maximum up to EUR 350,000

*up to 30% of the loan amount can be used for working capital.

Repayment period:
Maximum up to 15 years.
Grace period included:
Up to 3 years.
Interest rate for the borrowers:

Up to 3.5% annual, fixed.

Mandatory criteria for the borrowers
(in the development phase with consultants appointed by AFD)
Bans and exclusions:

According to the lists of DBNM, EU, USA and France.

Required documents:

  • According to the credit policies and procedures of the intermediary banks.

Lending and Commission Work Division Contact:

Tel. 02/3115-844, 02/3114-840 ext. 121, 124, 127.