Disbursement of the Sixth Tranche


06.12 .2010 - The sixth tranche of the EIB credit line in amount of EUR 18,8 million was disbursed. The funds of this tranche shall support 63 projects with an accounting value of EUR 26,4 million. It is expected 294 new jobs to be created.
Projects shall be realized through: Komercijalna Banka ad Skopje, Stopanska Banka ad Bitola, Stopanska Banka ad Skopje, IK Banka ad Skopje, Ohridska Banka ad Ohrid , Prokredit Banka ad Skopje and Sparkasse Banka Makedonija ad Skopje.
68,5 % of the credit funds are intended for investment credits (with repayment period of up to 5 years) and the rest of the funds for working capital credits (with 3-year repayment period).
MBDP prepares for withdrawing a new tranche for priority lending as well as a tranche for SME out of the EIB credit line.