Presentation of the new MBDP Credit Lines for SMEs

The Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion in cooperation with the Economic Chamber of RM and the Regional Chambers continually holds presentations for the new credit lines earmarked for small and medium sized enterprises on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia in order to promote them, disperse information about them and by doing that to make them accessible to all prospective beneficiaries such as the small and medium sized enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia.

Prilep, 25.10.2012 – A number of small and medium sized enterprises from the Prilep-Krushevo region attended the presentation made by the MBDP representatives, Aleksandar Stanojkovski and Darko Stefanovski and with interest followed the detailed explanation of the available opportunities. Several credit lines and other financial instruments which may be of help in the every day operations were presented to the SMEs. Present SMEs representatives expressed great interest for the credit line of EUR 100 million with an annual interest rate of 5.5% to the final beneficiary. MBDP representatives gave interview on the local TV station in order to inform the SMEs for the products and services of the Bank underlining the credit line for processing and export of agricultural products and the EIB credit line.

Ohrid, 09.10.2012 – The presentation took place in the building of the Municipality of Ohrid with more than 25 companies of the Ohrid-Struga region attending. Available opportunities such as various credit lines and financial instruments which may be of benefit in their operations were presented in detail. The event was covered by the media.

Bitola, 21.09.2012 – The Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion in cooperation with the Regional Chamber in Bitola held presentation of the new credit lines earmarked for small and medium sized enterprises. Aleksandar Stanojkovski, Director of the credit and guarantee division, delivered the presentation in front of the present entrepreneurs. At the beginning he explained the role of the MBDP and the characteristics of the financial instruments that are offered such as lending, administration, insurance of domestic and export receivables, and export factoring as the most recently introduced financial instrument. 

The following credit lines were presented in detail:

  • Credit line for purchase, processing and export of agricultural products, with interest rate of 3%,
  • Credit line of the Agricultural Credit Discount Fund, with interest rate of 4%,
  • Financing  SMEs, investment loans provided by EIB and MBDP with interest rate of 5.5%,
  • Finance provided through priority projects with interest rate of 5.5%,
  • Pre-shipment financing with interest rate of 6%,
  • Special Credit Guarantee Scheme with interest rate of 8%.

Besides those credit lines, the insurance of export and domestic receivables, export credit insurance and factoring were also explained.

The presentation was made in order to assist the small and medium sized enterprises in their growth, i.e. to inform them about the procedure and the necessary application documents required for those credit lines which will result in better utilization of the available funds.

The event prompted a great deal of interest with the entrepreneurs in the region and raised a productive discussion during the presentation. They pointed out their interest to become beneficiaries of this kind of facility and to use the favourable conditions offered by these credit lines. Special factor is the current situation of difficult economic conditions and problematic solvency, thus at the end of the presentation the entrepreneurs concluded that any kind of assistance is welcomed.


Kichevo, 17.09.2012 – MBDP made presentation for the new credit lines in the business center Dra-go in Kichevo. The event was organized by the Economic Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia and the Regional Chamber in Kichevo. The MBDP representative, Aleksandar Stanojkovski, in front of more than twenty companies presented in detail the new credit lines as instruments which will assist the companies to start new business undertakings as well as to improve the existing ones. Insurance of receivables and factoring which are new instruments to support export were also extensively explained. The company Dra-go from Kichevo, whose main business is processing and sale of fresh and white, peeled off, frozen chestnut, underlined the positive experience of the cooperation with the Bank during the approval procedure of the loan for chestnut processing. The production line is planed to be in operation next month. The representatives of the companies expressed great deal of interest for the credit lines of the Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion.