A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion (MBDP) and the Macedonian Association of Processors (MAP) on 15.05.2012.

The objective of the Memorandum is to strengthen the cooperation especially regarding the access of the Association members to the products and services of MBDP, such as:

  • insurance of domestic and foreign receivables in order to diminish the risks of non-payment by buyers;
  • factoring, providing short-term financial support and increase of liquidity;
  • lending, i.e. higher engagement of the members in the utilization of the favourable credit lines, including the EIB credit line, the special credit guarantee scheme to overcome the collateral issue, export credit financing where members by the principle of non competitiveness and economical justification may submit their credit applications to the commercial banks or to MBDP directly, as well as to use the funds of the other credit lines.

Another reason for signing the Memorandum is to enable more frequent information exchange in order to create the most appropriate instruments and mechanisms to support the Macedonian companies in future.

Consistent implementation of the Memorandum shall improve the business of the member companies of this Association, but also, increase the foreign currency inflows in the country, agricultural development as a source of the main raw materials of the members, decrease of unemployment, etc.


Најдобра мала банка во Македонија за 2010

24.09.2010 - The renowned London magazine Finance Central Europe in September, 2010, announced the awardees of the financial institutions ranking in Macedonia . The Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion was ranked The Best Small Bank in Macedonia 2010.


5.01.2011 - The seventh tranche of the EIB credit line in amount of EUR 4,5 million was disbursed. The funds of this tranche shall support 22 projects with an accounting value of EUR 8.5 million. It is expected 11 9 new jobs to be created.
Projects shall be realized through: NLB Tutunska Banka ad Skopje and Prokredit Banka ad Skopje.
6 3,85% of the credit funds are intended for investment credits (with repayment period of up to 5 years) and the rest of the funds for working capital credits (with 3-year repayment period).
MBDP prepares for withdrawing a new tranche for priority lending as well as a tranche for SME out of the EIB credit line.