Nikola Popovski, PhD


Никола Поповски


Personal information

Date of birth: 24.05.1962
Nationality: citizen of RNM
Civil status: married (one son)



June, 2010    Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje -  Faculty of Economics
   Ph.D. -"Macedonian Way Towards Knowledge-based Economy in the Era of Globalization"
09/1999-01/2001    Ss. Cyril and Methodius University - Skopje – Faculty of Economics
   Mr. Sc. - "Economic Bases of Information Society"
1996-1998    Ss. Cyril and Methodius University - Skopje – Faculty of Economics
   Post-graduate studies on Economic development and macroeconomic analysis
02-26 Oct 1996    Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., USA - Certificate of Merit
   Leadership Seminar (Certificate of Merit)
1982-1986    Ss. Cyril and Methodius University - Faculty of Economics in Skopje,
   Graduate in Economics, BSc.

Professional experience record

Sept 2016-present    FON University, Skopje, R. North Macedonia
  • Associate Professor
  • Dean of the Faculty of Economic Science

          - Principles of Economics;
          - Public Finance;
          - Development of Economic Thought;
          - Contemporary Economic Theories;
          - Local Finances;
          - E-society

Nov 2017-present    Development Bank of North Macedonia JSC Skopje
   - member of the Supervisory Board
09/2013-09/2016    International Slavic University, Sv. Nikole - Bitola, R. Macedonia
  • Associate Professor
    - Development of Economic Thought;
    - Principles of Economics;
    - Macroeconomics;
    - International Management
05/2012-present    European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) of the UN University for Peace, Belgrade - Serbia
  •    Professor

       Postgraduate and Doctoral studies
          - Economics and Economic Policy;
          - International Finance

02/2009–06/2013    European University, Skopje, Macedonia
  • Associate Professor
    - Public Finances;
    - Principles of Economics;
    - Development Economics;
    - Health and Social Insurance
06/2006-04/2008    Assembly of the R. Macedonia
  • member of the Parliament

       - member of the Committee on finance and budget

11/2003-09/2006    EBRD, London, UK
   IBRD/WB, Washington, DC, USA
   - Governor of the Boards of EBRD/IBRD for Macedonia
11/2003-09/2006    Government of Republic of Macedonia, Skopje
   - Minister of Finance and member of the Government
10/2002-11/2003    Assembly of the R. Macedonia
   - President of the Assembly
   Assembly of the R. Macedonia
  • Elected Member of the Parliament in four successive mandates
        - Chairman of the:
           Committee of Foreign Affairs (1992/1994);
           Environmental and Youth Committee (1994/1998)
           Budget & Finance Committee (1998-2002)
        - Chief of Parliamentary Group of SDSM (1998-2002)
        - Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (1993-2002)
10/1987-11/1990    Cabinet of the Prime Minister (Government of Macedonia), Skopje
   - Associate Analyst on current economic trends in Macedonia
08/1986-09/1987    Ministry of Development, Skopje
   - Associate Officer -  Department of Foreign economic relation

Current position
Dean and Professor (teaching theoretical economics and finance subjects) at FON University, Skopje.

Membership in professional associations
Member of the Association of Economists of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Special qualifications – Economic Science

  • Excellent skills and knowledge in experience and knowledge transfer in the higher education processes in I and II cycle studies in domestic and international higher education and scientific institutions;
  • Experience in mentoring work in domestic and international higher education and scientific institutions;
  • Design, implementation and management of many developing and economic programs;
  • Excellent coordination skills in leading the experts and professional teams;
  • Contacts and communication with relevant foreign and domestic institutions;
  • Cooperation with foreign and domestic institutions for knowledge and experience exchange in the implementation of the developing programs and policies.

Professional experience
32 years of working experience from which 22 years in different state and international economic related institutions and 10 years of university professor career.

Other accomplishments

- Author of seven published books, six of which from the economics area i.e. from the wider field of macroeconomics;
- Published more than 40 research and scientific articles on economics in domestic and foreign specialized periodicals (in Macedonian and in English);
- Author of more than 320 columns in daily newspapers and weekly magazines in North Macedonia on domestic and international economic issues;
- Reviewer of more scientific and professional books, textbooks and articles by other authors.